ETC First Mondays: Magic Sheets 2.0?

magic sheet

Don't you wish there was a "fix live move" button? Well…there is…kinda. At ETC NYC, hosts Nick Gonsman and Alyssa Eilbot discussed just how complicated our macros can be, and how to manage all of that data in creative, elegant and intuitive interfaces designed using the power of Magic Sheets. Nothing sparks creativity like limits. 140 Characters. 512 Addresses. You get the picture. There are things magic sheets can't do, but thats okay. Gonsman hinted that the direction of focus for the way we display, and interact with Magic Sheet is changing and expanding. After describing a particularly circumlocutory way to achieve the effect of an indicator state for buttons in a Magic Sheet, Gonsman sighed and said, "Or we could just give you indicator states? Thats something we've talked about." 

The "we" he refers to is Alyssa Eilbot, who seems to have the same passion for finding elegant solutions with Eos. Eilbot brought a really great perspective to the conversation, showing us how magic sheets are most effective for her workflow, and how she uses them in time sensitive situations to complete complex functions with the push of a button. 

If you unfortunately could not make it and enjoy the lovely nerdy banter of obsessive programmers I highly suggest you read more about Macro and Magic sheet management in Nick Gonsman's latest article on the subject in his recurring series "Out Of Control". (It's really quite good)

Next month, we'll be talking about new and exciting things coming from ETC!