John Zagar Leaves RFNA

It is bittersweet news that as of January 1, 2020 John Zagar has left the employ of Ron Fogel & Associates.  John has been a loyal employee since his start in 2005. Mr. Zagar filled a vital role here and he will be sorely missed.  John has moved to New Hampshire and the commute was a bit much, so he decided to look for more local opportunities.  He will be missed.  Please direct all inquiries to Emily Rehbein She will be fulfilling many of John’s duties.  We will be happy to share his new contact information with all those who inquire.


I have had the honor of knowing and working with John for more than half of my professional life.  He has proven not only to be a most valuable contributor, but a truly great friend and I am deeply saddened by his departure.  I wish him the world of happiness and success. He will remain my very good friend.


– Ronald Fogel