ETC fos/4 Panel: What is it?

An exciting week at ETC! Just today ETC has announced their new line of studio and film fixtures. You may be asking, "How is this fixture line different than ETC's existing TV and Film repetoire?" That's an excellent question. Let's take a closer look at the design and function of this exciting new product to find out what sets it apart.

The fos/4 Panel line (pronounced Phos-Four) brings with it 3 sizes of fixtures, an 8"x24" Panel, a 16"x24" Panel, and a 24"x24" Panel.

Each of these sizes can be populated with one of two LED Arrays: The Daylight HDR Array, and the Lustr X8 Array.

The Lustr X8 Array brings the power of Lustr additive color mixing to the screen, and features a new Deep Red chip, optimized by ETC's Advanced Research Group. The standard red used in most fixtures hovers around the 635nm range, and suffices for most red applications. The Deep Red chip expands the spectral distribution of the panel to include a truly rich and deep red at 660nm, allowing for color that was typically lost without a tungsten source. (Wendy Luedtke explains this in a far more intelligent way in the video.) The Lustr X8 array is designed specifically for saturated color and warm white applications.

The Daylight HDR array is a tuneable white array, capable of producing a very bright 1900K-10450K white with a plus and minus green control.

The fos/4 Panel also offers a new user interface for on the fly changes right on the fixture itself. Color changing encoders on the rear of the fixture correspond to the colors of the attributes displayed on the rear display screen.

The rear of the fixture is also where you will find a grip rail for additional attachments: extra batteries, iPad, cable management et cetera.

The fos/4 Panel offers exciting new possibilities for lighting for the camera without sacrificing brightness or hands-on usability. The fos/4 is ready to go, from truck to shoot, all the while standing on the cutting edge of technology and design.