Performance Pavilion

Lighting and Audio System

Ron Fogel & Associates, Inc. designed and implemented lighting and audio systems for a new performance pavilion at City Place in West Palm Beach, FL. The pavilion, by FTL Architects is comprised of a deployable fabric membrane structure canopy made up of several lightweight truss sections with a stretch fabric cover. The entire canopy structure shell is deployed on two self climbing towers that are anchored to the ground. The audio system is designed and implemented to reinforce an area out from the performance space to a 75 ft. half circle radius.

The system is able to service small musical groups and specialty acts. The lighting system is integrated with the canopy structure for overhead lighting sources and decorative lighting elements. The decorative elements are employed to enhance the entire pavilion structure itself. A variety of LED fixtures and linear lighting elements are also used to accomplish enhancing the lighting of the structure.

The dimming and control is accomplished by using the Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC) Smart Solutions, Smart Bar, Smart Module and Smart fade components. The control signals to the component are accomplished wirelessly with the WDS Wireless Data System by City Theatrical. This saves on the systems deployment time and avoids unsightly cable runs. The system is elegant in that it eliminates bulky dimming distribution cable runs and only requires AC power on single cables to each Smart Solutions Device. The overall above system provides a professional, clean, aesthetically pleasing structure that attracts many patrons to the area. The system blends perfectly with the overall space while providing state of the art support.

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