Liberty Science Center

On February 13th 2008 Liberty Science Center unveiled "A Spatial Portrait" a new permanent, interactive digital artwork by artist Leni Schwendinger. Ron Fogel & Associates, Inc. worked closely with Leni and designed the super structure, provided rigging, lighting and control, and the installation services. The sculpture which floats from the ceiling in sections, is composed of 108 strands of eight – foot LED light pendants creating a dazzling show of light in real time.

Reflecting upon and reinterpreting the Liberty Science Center’s doctrine that every person’s actions affect everyone else on the planet and conversely how global changes affect each one of us – the installation captures the movement of visitors as they circulate throughout the Science Court. The composite of multiple visitor movements creates an ever-changing, three–dimensional "spatial portrait" suspended in the mid–space of the Court, eleven feet above the floor. From multiple positions in the Court, sensors and video cameras track visitors movements resulting in a magical and dynamic new addition to the Center.

Ron Fogel & Associates, Inc. and artist Leni Schwendinger worked closely on this project to accomplish a fascinating piece of art.

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