Culinarian Restaurant

When Chefs Ariane and Mike Duarte needed an economical lighting design sceme they called upon Ron Fogel & Associates to design and devlope a warm and inviting guest experience.  The designers at RFnA reponded by using the eliments in the space as reflectors.  The tin ceiling painted with warm golden tones helped to create the ambiance while the glass pendants bouced light off of the white tablecloths to illuminate, with a soft glow the faces of the patrons.  In addtion the direct lighting from the the pendants highlighted the featured product.  The cusine.  Another plus was the effect of the lighting to create a welcoming curb appeal.

The entire system is run on SmartPack dimmer panels from Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC) and uses ten button control stations and a time clock controller running over ETCLink.

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