Church of St. Pius X (DCAK-MSA Architecture and Engineering)

The Church of St. Pius X, located in Scarsdale, NY, has been standing strong since the 1950’s. After nearly sixty years this celebrated parish asked DCAK-MSA to re-design and renovate the existing interior of their aging facility. This interior included prominent structural frames, a dated color scheme and aged lighting. DCAK-MSA called on Ron Fogel & Associates to help them create a dimming and control system that would be versatile and user friendly. This type of dimming and control is accomplished by using an Electronic Theatre Controls Unison Architectural System. The ETC Unison system not only provides sophisticated facility-lighting and building system integration, but does so with unprecedented flexibility and simplicity. RFnA worked closely with DCAK-MSA to coordinate the lighting design and program over ten recorded preset scenes, as well as help facilitate the various type of touchscreens and wall stations used throughout the building to control these presets and the overall lighting of the church.

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