Culinary Institute of America - Marriot Pavilion

Since 1946, The Culinary Institute of America has been a place where great culinary minds could come together, pioneer innovation, and educate the next generation for the culinary arts. With the construction of the Marriott Pavilion, at its Hyde Park campus, this tradition continues and grows.

The Marriott Pavilion is an extension of the existing J. Willard Marriott Education Center at the CIA, a premier facility for undergraduate education and industry services including menu, product, and professional development. The two-story Marriott Pavilion houses a large auditorium, a conference center with seminar rooms, and a theater-style demonstration kitchen. This new facility features interactive audience response technology and video-conferencing capabilities and will be host to the world’s most dynamic exchanges about food, flavor, health, and culture in the world.

When Noelker and Hull Architects reached out to RFnA for our expertise with the theatrical lighting, dimming, rigging and control of this new space, Ron Fogel & Associates were thrilled, both on a professional level and a personal one too. Just a few short years ago, Ron's son, Nick Fogel, graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park.

Ron Fogel & Associates worked closely with Noelker and Hull to coordinate the rigging layout and lighting design for the stage as well as program various recorded lighting presets for the different podium and projection screen configurations. 

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