The onset of the Digital Revolution calls for a new approach in projects that utilize entertainment and communications technologies. As new products and methods are introduced before the last launch has barely seen the light of day, “state of the art” may mean something entirely different from week to week and project to project. Solid expertise is needed to insure that the equipment used on your project will meet not only the needs of today, but the demands of tomorrow.

Ron Fogel & Associates, Inc., delivers that expertise.

With over 40 years of staff experience in the industry, Ron Fogel & Associates, Inc. has both the experience and the access to the expertise required to satisfy the needs of each individual project. Ron Fogel & Associates, Inc. organizes, directs and manages teams that create experiences that connect directly with the targeted audience, utilizing the most current technologies—along with tried and true techniques—to convey your message.

“Turnkey” solutions have taken on a whole new meaning. “Project management” no longer describes the process necessary to create a successful project. These projects need a high level of coordination, management and direction. Ron Fogel & Associates, Inc. supplies “Project Direction”, merging concept, design, technology, products and services as required by the producer.

RFnA specializes in working with a broad spectrum of producers: owner / developers, architects, designers, marketing / branding firms, television, film, and theatre producers. In short, all of those who utilize technology in order to craft a memorable experience. Moments that sear the event, the message, the product into the mind of the audience.

Ron Fogel and Associates, Inc. looks forward to providing technical solutions for your creative Ideas.