Richard Logothetis started Ric-Lo productions, in 1964. Primarily as a production and sound and lighting rental house. While theatre productions were his main focus, the ability to develop optical systems started much earlier. In 4th grade, with the help from his father who operated a machine shop, created his first follow spot. It was a simple affair, a 200 watt Plano convex spotlight mounted on a camera tripod. Over the years several spotlight emerged, some incandescent, but mostly carbon arc. Some units were for rentals and productions in the north east, and some were custom units for sale.

In 1980 Richard shifted his focus to manufacturing high intensity follow spots. The brand name Lycian Stage Lighting was created, named after the home of the Greek goddess of light, The Lycia region of Greece. Moving to Sugar Loaf, New York, from Long Island in 1981 Lycian set up shop in a converted cinder block barn. In 1990 Richard designed and built his present 20,000 sq. foot factory. 

His first production followspot was the Super Arc 350, built in short and long throw versions. The 350 established Lycian Stage Lighting as a major player in the followspot market. The Super Arc 350 was used in among other things, Eagles tours, and the long running productions of EVITA and Cats on Broadway. Today, most Broadway and many other professional theatres ask for Lycian by name and discriminating lighting designers worldwide insist on Lycian followspots. Other notable fixtures followed, among them the Super Arc 400’s which were the earliest HTI type lamps powered by an electro-magnetic power supply.

The Midgets introduced in the early 1980’s are still a favorite of specifiers. HMI followed, and developed into the Superstars, and Starklites. Its first Xenon followspot was introduced in 1991. The Xenon line now includes the versatile 3/4K model 1295ELT, a favorite on Broadway, concert tours and arenas worldwide. The custom built Super Arc 4K is the brightest followspot ever built and is often found in Olympic ceremonies and similar spectacles.

Lycian rapidly increased its offerings becoming the first manufacturer to offer followspots using tungsten, HTI, HMI and Xenon light sources and today has added LED as well. The user-friendly aspects of Lycian followspots are due to Mr. Logothetis’ time as a followspot operator. He designs with the user in mind. Ease of use, smoothness of operation and proper hand placement are a result of a complete start to finish creative process.

Today, Lycian Stage Lighting takes its rightful place among the best known names in the industry, earned through its reputation for producing user-friendly, robust, ultra-bright followspots backed by extraordinary customer service. From its humble beginnings, Lycian Stage Lighting has become North America’s largest followspot manufacturer and the world’s largest company solely dedicated to followspot manufacture. It’s not unusual for the factory to receive calls from venues that have owned Lycian’s for 20 years or greater. It is our pleasure to service these customers.

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