Gill. St. Bernard’s School

Gladstone, NJ

USA Architects asked us to collaborate with them on the construction of a new performing arts center at a private school. As this was a ground-up project, we had the opportunity to specify the newest and best equipment, and to coordinate with all aspects of the project to ensure their lighting system would be exceptional.


They decided to go all LED with their new theatrical and house lighting fixtures, but wanted the opportunity to still rent incandescent fixtures, or re-use some incandescent fixtures from their old theater. To accommodate that, we filled the ETC Sensor3 dimming racks with ThruPower modules that could be switched from dimmers to relays as the load changes. ETC Net3 Gateways were installed at each lighting position to provide DMX signal to the LED fixtures. A variety of ETC Source Four Series 2 Lustrs and ETC ColorSource Spot fixtures created the repertory plot.


The school was concerned about the safety of the students and ease of operation of the fly system, so we specified 7 ETC Prodigy hoists with cable management for the over stage and front of house lighting positions. They also received 3 general purpose prodigy hoists for lifting scenery. A ETC QuickTouch controller allows for precise control of the hoists at the push of a button.


Aquarii Axceleron Fixtures were spaced throughout the auditorium for the house lighting. Featuring a beautiful dimming curve and attractive housing, the auditorium is now brightly and evenly lit. The Axceleron fixtures are LED so maintenance is virtually unnecessary. An ETC Emergency Transfer panel allows the Axcerleron fixtures to be powered to full via emergency power for safe egress in a loss of power situation.


Finally, we specified 2 LED Touchscreen stations and multiple 5-button stations for recalling pre-recorded stage and house lighting presets. An Ion Xe console was selected for showtime lighting control. Not only is the Ion Xe easy for students and faculty to operate, but it teaches students a lighting programming language they can continue to use if they peruse a career in theatrical lighting.