NJCU Margaret Williams Theater

The Margaret Williams Theater, named after the legendary Director of Dramatics at NJCU, was constructed in 1931, and was the second building to be constructed on the NJCU campus. In 1968 the theater underwent an extensive renovation, laying the foundation for the space to be used exclusively for theatre. 


Nearly 50 years later, it was time to upgrade the electrical foundation to bring this historical performance space into the 21stCentury.


We replaced a variety of older, smaller dimmer packs that were powering the system with three Sensor 3 48-Module Dimmer Racks, populated entirely with ThruPower modules. ThruPower modules can be switched from dimmers to relays to accommodate the power requirements of intelligent fixtures.


In addition to the power infrastructure of the space, we also implemented a new Paradigm Architectural Control System. The system includes multiple touchscreen stations with an easy to use, custom designed interface to offer more flexibility for the rentable space. For the more experienced theatrical professional, we also provided a brand new ION XE lighting console.


With the power of Sensor 3, and the versatility of the ThruPower Module, the NJCU Margaret Williams Theater can step confidently into the future of theatrical lighting technology.


System Design by RFnA

System Integration and Install by Barbizon