Lighting & Rigging System Design & Coordination

Designing a theatrical or architectural lighting or rigging system can be a daunting task.

LED and automated lighting fixtures are suddenly readily available to the average consumer, and that means that the lighting system of today looks extremely different than it did even 10 years ago. How do you ensure that your system can utilize this new equipment, both today and years in the future?

Architectural lighting systems are becoming more and more complex. Instead of a simple light switch turning a lighting fixture on and off, a shift to green technology has meant more lighting systems need occupancy/vacancy sensors, daylight harvesting, and/or timeclocks. Quality color-changing LED technology has decreased dramatically in price, leading to the rise of “architainment” –complex architectural lighting effects in both interior and exterior spaces. These dynamic lighting scenes require a significant amount of networking and control equipment, often integrated with other elements of the building’s control system.

Rigging systems are heavy, generally expensive, and can be dangerous if not specified correctly for the anticipated loads. “Intelligent” hoists can eliminate some of the safety concerns of traditional fly rigging systems, but they still require significant engineering and design to make sure their safety features can be utilized quickly and correctly.

RFnA’s staff are experts at finding the right balance between quality materials and price, and advanced features and ease of operability.

We are happy to lay out both theatrical lighting and architectural lighting systems for you, including emergency lighting systems. We research competitors’ products so we can integrate our systems with other manufacturers' equipment with confidence. We can provide full submittal drawings, data sheets, specifications, and more to ensure that your vision is protected during the bidding process. And after the bid is awarded, we work with your electrical contractors to verify that the materials are being installed and programmed to function as designed.

We also do plenty of work upgrading existing lighting and control systems – identifying what materials work and do not work, what materials can be “upgraded” to utilize modern lighting technology, and more.

Schedule a site survey today and see how Ron Fogel & Associates can help you with the design of your lighting and rigging system!